“Chaos is merely order waiting to be deciphered.”


  • Assessment of current state and desired outcome
  • Build and documentation of easy to manage processes to replicate success horizontally across your business
  • Partnership with key business influencers to help embed your company’s processes, to achieve team connectivity and communication across the organization
  • Smoothing out process friction points to enable a seamless single-view delivery of an amazing customer experience that is sustainable and profitable
  • Technology stack and process assessment

How we do it – business process architecture

Alignment – the five verticals of success

Once the scope of the project has been agreed on, the T5 Project Lead will access the issues through the five verticals of success. This ensures that T5 can deliver project performance updates in a uniform and transparent manner. T5 asks a lot of open-ended questions to encourage participation and deliver the optimum outcome for our clients. 

How aligned is your concept with the capital to support your vision?

Is your team really “fit for purpose” to scale with your business?

How tuned is your product and user experience to your current and future clients’ community expectations?

Is your sales and marketing message speaking to needs of your clients? Are your products and services priced for profit?

Nothing else matters! Does your company deliver the best UX in your category?


Aligning people – the five connections that make it work

1. CEO

Visionary, multitasker, juggler, inspirer, fundraiser, sales energizer, chairperson. Multi-year view + support of the financing source.

2. Senior Leadership

Discipline experts, highly focused on delivery on mission and strategy of the Company. 18 months to two year intensity.

3. Line Director & Managers

Department managers – focused on their department to deliver the current year’s business plan.

4. Suppliers

Valued partners that have agreed to partner to deliver your Product/Service agreements.


5. Customer UX

Deliver the promise that you made to your customers.