“Every great change is preceded by chaos.”


What we do – we Get Stuff Done

Business efficiency management

As times change and condition shift, so should your business. T5 works with your team to identify where the business can change up a gear. Whether the mandate is to source new revenue, lower costs, or enter new markets, T5 can help your team achieve its goals.

Demand generation

Most organisations strive to grow and raising revenue is fundamental to achieving that goal. But energy and passion alone will not get your company there. Patience and process improve the odds of success dramatically – with targeted analytics coupled with a flexible go-to-market strategy are what will make a real difference.

Technology, systems and distribution design

As your business adapts and changes, your systems should evolve to enable delivery. The T5 team has the capability to access, recommend and implement enhancements to existing as well as entirely new platforms.

Short and mid-term financing

Depending on your situation and aspirations, T5 has a range of solutions to help businesses expand or overcome a temporary issue.

Sale, acquisition and lease advice

Our team is experienced in advising firms on the buy, sell and leasing aspects of running a business today. T5 can assist in preparing your business for any situation and advise in the selection of the right broker or investment manager.

Special situations – administration and restructuring

Many of our team members have expertise in navigating difficult events in a company’s life. This includes operating companies as CEOs, CTOs, CFOs and other C-Suite roles, representing and guiding the stakeholders during and after the process.

Advisory and Board support

Many companies have the desire to form an Advisory Board to prepare for the next stage of growth. This requires a well thought out process and rigorous standards to achieve that mission. T5 brings to your business practical advice, coupled with sound scenario-based governance standards, to unpack and solve problems across multiple geographic zones as well as coaching C-Suite leaders to optimize their performance and reach the next level of their career.  

How we add value

Providing experience and expertise

Our C-Suite experts know how challenging it is to compete in international business. T5 Strategies works with you to build a practical and flexibles strategy for a department, business unit or your entire business – you set the scope. We can also scale up or down as the project evolves with our network of experts. This controls costs and provides transparency while delivering bespoke solutions for your company rather than off-the-shelf formulae.  

Delivering results

The team at T5 Strategies has delivered advice and solutions to the hospitality, travel technology, alternative accommodations, hotels, resorts, franchising, co-living, co-working, marina and car rental sectors and many more service orientated categories in the USA, EMEA and beyond.

Supporting you all the way

Being a Founder or CEO of a business can often be a lonely place. Our experts at T5 Strategies offer advisory board formation and governance support to deliver dynamic advice to business leaders that could be struggling to scale or looking to prepare for sale. Many of our team  members serve on such Boards.